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Humber College – Arts Academy Building

Regal Engineering provided M&E engineering design services for major mechanical and electrical upgrades to arts academy building at Humber College.

Under the mechanical scope all the air handling equipment serving the arts academy building was replaced with energy efficient air handling units, plumbing was revised to meet the new requirements and to suit the renovations. A new building automation system was designed and installed connecting the building to the main BAS network with the central station for the control of all the newly installed mechanical equipment.

Under the electrical scope all existing lighting fixtures were replaced with energy efficient LED fixtures, electrical power requirements were revised to meet the new requirements of the art academy building. Creston lighting controls system was designed and installed for the control of various lighting fixtures in the labs and studio’s. A new fire alarms system was installed in the building, security devices were upgraded to meet the standards of the college.  Regal Engineering also provide design of Audio / Video, Data and Security systems.

Queens University, Kingston - Dupius Hall – Major Science LAB Renovations

Regal provided design of mechanical and electrical systems for major upgrades to chemical engineering labs at Dupius Hall, upgrades include HVAC, Plumbing, compressed air and Vacuum systems for the various chemical engineering labs. Fume hoods where installed in most of the labs. Regal also provided contract administration services during the construction. 

University of Oshawa Institute of Technology – Major Science UA LAB Renovations

Regal Consulting Engineers provided mechanical system & electrical system design for major upgrades to UA labs on all four floors of the UA building. Mechanical System Design that includes HVAC, Fume Hood Exhausts, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Building Automation Controls. Design of piping distribution from the tank farms to the benches and fume hoods. Under the electrical scope lighting fixtures, power distribution and fire alarm system in the building was upgraded to meet the requirements of the major renovations project.

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